Boxing Bear/Dukes Wort Share a Big Success!

The collaborative wort share between Boxing Bear Brewery and the Dukes Of Ale started with the Dukes creating a recipe, which is more or less a German Wheat malt bill, since it’s using malted wheat as a base malt alongside barley.  The event started around 11 Saturday March 21st, where Dukes members were allowed to check out Boxing Bear’s brewery, as well as “assist” the brewers with the processes.  Boxing Bear has a nice panini grill and I had the Al “Bear” querque Turkey, which was excellent, and found a quiet spot outside.  Add  beautiful weather and good friends, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a day.  I also had their cider which was great, as was their Czech Pilzner.  The brew day went well, and a multitude of carboys, buckets and eager brewers lined up with an octopus-like filler working to make short work of filling the 65 thirsty carboys.  Phil did a great job as usual, and everyone seemed to pitch in when help was needed.  All-in-all, was a fun day, and we very much thank Kevin Justin and Dylan for letting us be right in the thick of things.  There aren’t a lot of homebrewers that can say they’ve been that close to a working brewery……actually working!  You know, I usually spend about $30-35 for an average brew and most of the day making the wort (plus cleanup), so $20 bucks for a carboy is a steal!  Phil is planning another beer tasting event like we did with Canteen, so save 2-3 bottles if you can, for the guys at Boxing Bear, and we hope they can get away to attend the beer sampling with us.  And thank you members for your participation, and making this event a fun one!  See you April 1st.  Also here’s photos of the event:


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