Canteen Club Brew Showcases Creative Brewers

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January 24th at Red Door Brewing, was the “show & tell” finality of the Canteen Club Brew headed by Phil Brown, Events Chairman.  You may remember Canteen created wort from Tim Lambert’s recipe (recipe on this site).  Brewers took home the wort and did with it as they may.  And boy did we have great examples of the creative brewers in the club!  Several different yeasts, hops, spices, coffee, and fermentation conditions gave the beer profiles ranging from Clean-Lager, Belgiany, Spicy, Coffee, Chile-Hot, and Chai Tea!  In all, 25 beers were sampled by the group and evaluated on the spot.  One repeating comment I noted was that even though we know yeast and post-boil additions can change a beer’s taste, we couldn’t believe both the creativity of the brewers, and the diverse flavors of a beer that started out as the same wort. This was a fun and educational event and illustrates that a brewer can take the same wort, split it xx different ways, and make many different brews. Thank you everyone who participated, and a big thanks to Canteen’s Head Brewer, Brady for letting us be under-foot, and taking away some well done wort. (Canteen brew tasting notes)

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