Holiday Fiesta 2015 Brew Competition

2nd ANNUAL ABQ BEER HOLIDAY FIESTA HOME BREW COMPETITION It's that time again! ABQ Beer's Holiday Home Brew Comp is just around the corner. We've made a few changes this year to the way you enter. We are using Reggie Beer software for the competition. The link to register for the comp as well as for judges and stewards is ... More

Boxing Bear/Dukes Wort Share a Big Success!

The collaborative wort share between Boxing Bear Brewery and the Dukes Of Ale started with the Dukes creating a recipe, which is more or less a German Wheat malt bill, since it's using malted wheat as a base malt alongside barley.  The event started around 11 Saturday March 21st, where Dukes members were allowed to check ... More

Jeff Jantz Talks Hybrids to Full House

We were fortunate to have 2013 Nationals Gold Medal winner, Jeff Jantz share his secrets to making that perfect light or amber hybrid beer.  Jeff's slide show provided detailed information on the history, type, and flavor profiles to expect from beers such as Kolsch, Alts, and California Commons.  Additionally, he ... More

Arizona Brew Comp Incentives

Kevin Davis, owner of Southwest Grape & Grain and Boxing Bear Brewing, is also an avid homebrewer and has added a sweet incentive to bring home gold to New Mexico Delivery deadline is March 20th The Great Arizona Homebrew Competition is a high quality event and has historically been dominated by some of the ... More

Scott Carpenter Shares Creative Brewing Tips

February 4th meeting brought our VP and brewing wizard Scott Carpenter up front of the crowd to discuss how to approach creating a novel and "out of style" beer.  He shared successes, and not-so-great attempts, which sometimes mistakes are a better learning tool than the first-time successes.  Scott shared some of his ... More

Canteen Club Brew Showcases Creative Brewers

January 24th at Red Door Brewing, was the "show & tell" finality of the Canteen Club Brew headed by Phil Brown, Events Chairman.  You may remember Canteen created wort from Tim Lambert's recipe (recipe on this site).  Brewers took home the wort and did with it as they may.  And boy did we have great examples of ... More

January 7th 2015 Meeting

Tim Lambert and Kevin Fleming kicked off the first 2015 Dukes meeting. The event drew over 60 attendees, and several new member sign-ups. More

New Website

We are currently in the process of updating the website and all associated web properties. If you have any request for features that you would like to see added to the website please send an email to: Thanks for you cooperation and patience during the transition.     More