Scott Carpenter Shares Creative Brewing Tips

February 4th meeting brought our VP and brewing wizard Scott Carpenter up front of the crowd to discuss how to approach creating a novel and “out of style” beer.  He shared successes, and not-so-great attempts, which sometimes mistakes are a better learning tool than the first-time successes.  Scott shared some of his beers with the club, so everyone could taste what he was talking about.  Some of Scott’s tips were; to think outside of the box and try something you think might make a good beer, based on how that ingredient(s) would taste in food, making sure you brew a good base beer before adding other ingredients, and keeping good records of how you made the beer so it can be roughly replicated in the future.  Finally, we had the pleasure of trying other brewers’ creations and discuss how they were made, including a well-run “sampling table”(great job guys!  The overall take-away was a great learning/sharing experience and lots of new ideas for that next fantastic brew.  Again, we thank Red Door Brewing for letting us take over part of their brewery for our meetings.  BTW, try their Milk Stout……’s stellar!



Scott’s Fermentation Farm

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