Site Policies

Registration and Login

You must register and login to submit entries to our competitions. The site administrator is in charge of setting the privileges for a particular user and can moderate posts and comments for acceptable content.

The site is intended to further the goals of the Dukes of Ale brew club. Any abuse of the site will result in immediate loss of privileges.

After login, the Dashboard tab in the upper right portion of the screen will provide access to your available privileges and allow you to modify your profile.

Competition Profile

Most of the competition section of your profile is optional. However, you should note:

  • A mailing address and first and last name are required if you want enter our competitions so that your competition results can be mailed to you.
  • If you are a BJCP judge, your judge level and judge id are required in order to get credit for judging in one of our competitions.
  • Professional brewers must check the pro box and indicate their professional affiliation before submitting competition entries.

An attempt is made to transfer your the competition profile information from our old site based on your Username.