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Official Rules

The 2024 Enchanted Brewing Challenge is open to all amateur homebrewers in the USA. This year's competition will take place at The Craftroom in Albuquerque. Winners will be awarded medals and may also be eligible to win prizes from one of our generous sponsors. 

NOTE:  You must be present at the awards ceremony to receive prizes, other than medals.  If you can’t make it, you may send a representative to receive your prize for you.

The competition is limited to a total of 150 entries across all approved BJCP styles (see the style guidelines here). We reserve the right to combine BJCP categories into a competitive set of similar beers (Beers will be judged according to their declared BJCP style).

Registration Information

  • Registration is handled via ReggieBeer

  • Fee: $10.00 per entry

  • Two (2) 12 oz bottles per entry required. However, other sizes are accepted. Sorry, we cannot return bottles.

  • There will be a maximum of 3 entries per person and only once per style

             Example: You can enter a Mild, British Brown, and a Porter (13 A, B, C) but you can’t have two Porters, which is a sub style of Category 13. 

Method of Payment:


Important dates:   

  • Entry registration: 7/19/2024 - 8/2/2024

    • Early Registration available for New Mexico Brewers: 7/12/2024 - 7/18/2024

  • Judging dates: 8/10, 8/11, 8/17, 8/18

  • Awards ceremony: TBD

  • Bottles will be accepted during the general registration window from 7/19 thru 8/2.

Drop-off Locations:

Entries can be mailed to The Craftroom or dropped off at the locations listed below. Please enter your drop-off location in the reggiebeer site so that we can keep track of how many entries we need to pick up at each site.

If mailing entries please write “Attn:  Dukes of Ale” on the label

The Craftroom, 2809 Broadbent Pkwy NE.  Albuquerque, NM 87107

Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales,  1405 Maclovia St.  Santa Fe, NM 87505

Southwest Grape & Grain, 3401 Candelaria Blvd NE, Suite E/G, Albuquerque, NM 87107

All bottles must arrive at the drop off locations by the end of the business day on August 2nd, 2024.​

KEY ENTRY INFORMATION: where this link will give you style guidelines for beer.

Two (2) 12 oz bottles per entry required.

Place entry label on the NECK of the bottle with a rubber band.  Don’t glue it on, so we can remove it easily.  Remove any labels or other identifiers that may indicate whose beer it is, for fair judging purposes.


Broken bottle policy: If an entry arrives broken, we will attempt to notify the entrant. If no bottles are capable of being judged, the entrant will be refunded. If we have a single bottle, then it will be judged, but ineligible for the best-of-show. We will attempt to accommodate entrants if they can get a replacement to us before judging.

Missing bottle policy: We will attempt to contact entrants if their entries are not received by the close of registration to see if the bottles haven't arrived yet. We will attempt to accommodate and judge late entries that arrive only at the Craftroom, however no guarantees will be made. No refunds will be provided to missing entries.

Please direct any questions you have to (Competition Director Jon S.) at  Competition software (reggiebeer) questions can be sent to


Note: The judges reserve the right to combine categories if there are less than 5 entries.


Pale American Beer

1A.   American Light Lager

1B.   American Lager

1C.   Cream Ale

1D.   American Wheat Beer

18A. Blonde Ale


Pale European Beer

2A.   International Pale Lager

4A.   Munich Helles

4B.   Festbier

5A.   German Leichtbier

5B.    Kölsch

5C.   German Helles Exportbier



3A.   Czech Pale Lager

3B.   Czech Premium Pale Lager

5D.   German Pils

27F.  Pre-Prohibition Lager


Amber European Beer

2B.   International Amber Lager

3C.   Czech Amber Lager

6A.   Märzen

7A.   Vienna Lager

7B.   Altbier

7C.   Kellerbier*


Dark European Lager

2C. International Dark Lager

3D.   Czech Dark Lager

8A.   Munich Dunkel

8B.   Schwarzbier


Strong European Lager

4C.   Helles Bock

6C.   Dunkles Bock

9A.   Doppelbock*

9B.   Eisbock

9C.   Baltic Porter


German Wheat Beer 

10A.  Weissbier

10B.  Dunkles Weissbier

10C.  Weizenbock*

27H.  Roggenbier

27I.    Sahti


Pale British Ale

11A. Ordinary Bitter

11B.  Best Bitter

11C.  Strong Bitter

12A.  British Golden Ale

12B.  Australian Sparkling Ale

12C.  English IPA


Scottish & Irish Ale 

14A.  Scottish Light

14B.  Scottish Heavy

14C.  Scottish Export

15A.  Irish Red Ale


American Pale Ale (18B) 

Amber & Brown American Ale 

19A.  American Amber Ale

19B.  California Common

19C.  American Brown Ale

27B.  Kentucky Common


Brown British Beer

13A.  Dark Mild

13B.  British Brown Ale

13C.  English Porter

27D.  London Brown Ale


British & Irish Stout 

15B.  Irish Stout

15C.  Irish Extra Stout

16A.  Sweet Stout

16B.  Oatmeal Stout

16C.  Tropical Stout

16D.  Foreign Extra Stout




Either “create a new account”, or if you’ve competed using reggiebeer, just type in your last name, and reggiebeer will give you a list to pick your full name from.  Once you’re “in”, start populating your entries & information, then when you’re happy with the entries, print the labels, as-per the instructions.

Click on the link to get to this competition, AND, when you get redirected to paypal, use the “Buy Now” option, then write “EBC entry fee” in the paypal note-to-seller, so we can keep track of it.


American Porter & Stout 

20A.  American Porter

20B.  American Stout

27G.  Pre-Prohibition Porter


Imperial Stout (20C) 


American IPA (21A) 


Specialty IPA (all)* (21B)


Strong American Ale

22A.  Double IPA

22B.  American Strong Ale

22C.  American Barleywine

22D.  Wheatwine

Strong UK Ale

17A.  English Strong Ale

17B.  Old Ale

17C.  Wee Heavy

17D.  English Barleywine

Saison (25B)* 

Belgian Ale 

24A.  Witbier

24B.  Belgian Pale Ale

24C.  Biere de Garde*

25A.  Belgian Blond Ale

26A.  Trappist Single

34A.  Clone Beer (Belgian Styles)


Strong Belgian Ale

25C.  Belgian Golden Strong Ale

26B.  Belgian Dubbel

26C.  Belgian Tripel

26D.  Belgian Dark Strong Ale


European Sour Ale 

23A.  Berliner Weisse

23B.  Flanders Red Ale

23C.  Oud Bruin

23D.  Lambic

23E.  Gueuze

23F.  Fruit Lambic*

27A.  Historical: Gose


Fruit Beer

29A.  Fruit Beer*

29B.  Fruit and Spice Beer*

29C.  Specialty Fruit Beer*


Spiced Beer

30A.  Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer*

30B.  Autumn Seasonal Beer*

30C.  Winter Seasonal Beer*


Smoke-Flavored Beer

6B.   Rauchbier

27C. Lichtenhainer

27E.  Piwo Grodziskie

32A.  Classic Style Smoked Beer*

32B.  Specialty Smoked Beer*


Wood-Aged Beer

33A.  Wood-Aged Beer*

33B.  Specialty Wood-Aged*

American Wild Ale

28A.  Brett Beer*

28B.  Mixed Ferm. Sour Beer*

28C.  Wild Specialty Beer*


Specialty Beer

31A.  Alternative Grain Beer*

31B.  Alternative Sugar Beer*

34D.  Clone Beer (non-Belgian)*

34B.  Mixed-Style Beer*

34C.  Experimental Beer*

27J.   Other Historical Beer*

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